Vision Med LTC and Compounding Pharmacy utilizes several packaging types that are used in a variety of care settings

Dose per Blister Dispensing

A unique advantage of using Vision Med LTC and Compounding Pharmacy as your pharmacy is dose per blister dispensing. The large, national LTC Pharmacies are unwilling to offer you this option. Dose per Blister dispensing allows medication passers to punch one blister instead of two or more when more than one pill is required. Another advantage is packaging more than one whole tablet in a blister. Dose per blister dispensing not only helps to prevent medication errors, but also makes med passes go faster and takes up less space in the med carts.

Multi-Dose Strip Packaging

Our multi-dose packaging system enhances patient safety, boosts operational efficacy, and eliminates consumable and waste concerns.

Short Cycle Dispensing

Vision Med LTC and Compounding Pharmacy will utilize a combination of remote dispensing units-automated packaging systems located within the SNF that packs patient-specific medications by wing and med pass time and cycle delivered medications in cards and in comingled packets.

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