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The Consultant Pharmacist plays an important role in the health and welfare of a facility’s residents. The right Consultant Pharmacist can make a great difference in optimizing patient care, cost containment, staff education, and drug utilization. Vision Med LTC and Compounding Pharmacy ’s Consulting Services quality assessment/assurance activities include:

  • Monthly Drug Regimen Reviews
  • Medication Room Inspections
  • Medication Pass Observation
  • Clinical Support
  • Nurse Consultant Services
  • Interim Medication Regimen Review
  • Formulary Implementation and Management
  • Training, Education, and CEU offerings
  • Committee, Counsel, Resident, and Family Representation
  • Antibiotics, Dietary, Psychotropic, and other custom reports
  • Review of drug related specific regulations and standards to assist in compliance with Federal, State, and Accreditation programs
  • Monitoring regulatory changes
  • Participation in survey process

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